8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to VIP at Universal Studios Hollywood


You’re probably reading this because you’re looking to visit Universal Studios Hollywood and can’t decide wether to upgrade and get the VIP tour. Or because you’re one of the many friends I shared this link with. The VIP package is a 6 hour tour of Universal Studios backlots, and theme park. Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely opt for the VIP package.

Reason #1: FREE Valet Parking!

Front gate parking alone costs $40 (before 6PM) and Valet is typically $35 after 2.5 hours. With the VIP package you get to park in the beloved Frankenstein Garage which is very close to the entrance.IMG_4349

Reason #2: VIP Lounge!

When you enter the park you get to check in at the “Will Call” windows and once checked in you have private access to refreshments, snacks, bathrooms, and couches.


Reason #3: Personal Tour Guide!

The tour guide I received was extremely friendly, constantly kept telling jokes to make us laugh, and was very knowledgable about everything Universal.

Reason #4: Private VIP Trolley!

If you decide to go for the standard studio tour, you get placed in this very large, crammed trolley with hundreds of people. However the VIP trolley is much more smaller and only held up to about 35 people. Luckily for me there were only about 10 in our group so we all had lots of free room.


Reason #5: Tour of the Prop Warehouse!

Touring the prop warehouse is honestly one of the coolest things about the tour, you get to see where all the props from some of your favorite movies and tv shows are stored.


Reason #6: FREE VIP Lunch!

If you choose to go with the VIP package, you get to have lunch in a private dining room with meals prepared by Universals Executive chef. It was served buffet style but there were so many options that anyone can find something to eat. I’m a very picky eater and I was able to fill myself up. Theres also a ton of options for beverages.


Reason #7: No Waiting in Line for Rides!

The VIP badge you are given at the beginning of you tour doubles as a Front of Line pass. So no waiting in line for a ride, you will get the VIP treatment and be given the best seats without a wait. The tour includes a trip on every ride in the park. Front of Line passes cost varies but can go as high as $254 a day not including admission.


Reason #8: All Day Fun!

After the tour is wrapped up and you are forced to say goodbye to your tour guide and group who you’ve come to know and love, you get to stick around in the park until it closes so the fun doesn’t end there. So you can go cut the line of your favorite ride again and again until you no longer can ride a broom through Hogwarts.

The VIP experience is truly one of the most exclusive ways for a nobody to tour the Worlds largest Movie Studio and Theme Park and feel like a somebody. You should absolutely opt for the VIP Package. Although its pricey ranging from $349-$409 (depending what time of year you choose to go), it’s totally worth the money!


Depending on how fast you get through the beginning of the Studio Tour, your tour guide  may allow you to get off the trolley and walk around the sets. I am a HUGE Desperate Housewives fan and my tour guide allowed us to walk down Wisteria Lane (Colonial St), City Hall where Back to the Future was filmed, and “Downtown New York”.  IMG_5791